Angela’s Trip to China

While on a visit to China last month with a group of friends, we spent one night at the top of Y elbow peak Mountain in Huangshan Province.  It was an amazing experience, not only to enjoy the incredible scenery from the topmost peak, but also to view the magical dawn break over the entire land, with its mists gently unfolding this renowned landscape. Just when I thought this couldn't be surpassed, I happened to peep into a Master Class in Chinese calligraphy being given by none other than … [Read more...]

Note on Calligraphy Library

Calligraphy Library: A note form  Angela Ganter, who has taken over the Library duties for the present: I would be grateful if members would check their own book collection at home to see if there are some books belonging to the Library.  I think there are some, in fact, missing, one in particular being that by Sheila  Waters.  I would appreciate if those who have forgotten to return the borrowed books, they would do so as soon as possible, so that we may keep our records up to date.  This … [Read more...]